Account Activation

Before You Start - Required Items

  • Recovery Email - Any Email address not provided by FAU. If you don't have this sign up for one first before proceeding.
    • Your internet service provider (ISP) usually provides this.
  • FAUNet ID - Use our FAUNet ID Lookup Tool if you don't know this.
  • Personal Information - We will ask you a set of personal questions to validate your identity.
On the following steps you will complete the activation of your account. Once you begin, you must complete the activation process.
Instructions on Activating your FAUNet ID (pdf)
If you do not complete the process, your account will be locked and you will need to contact the OIT Help Desk for further assistance at (561) 297-3999.

Unauthorized use of the FAUNet ID is not permitted.
By clicking Proceed you accept the terms of FAU's Acceptable User Policy

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